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Investor Unity's long-term aims are aligned with those of its clients

  • Understand that sometimes it's best to use a pistol
  • Other times it's best to use a sniper rifle
  • But when it comes to the markets, we never use a shotgun, and we never use a machine gun
  • Just because you don't hear the gun firing, doesn't mean that it isn't loaded

We are always in search of good risk - never risk for its own sake (null hypothesis)

Range-bound markets: tight Risk:Reward requires more precise timing

IU Expectancy Calculator:

Geo-political risk increases chances of anomalous events

Rule: When there is sufficient clarity, follow your trading/investment plan more assertively -- when clarity is low, place more emphasis upon your personal goals

Modern, streamlined managed service

  • Be Liquid
  • Be safe
  • Primarily intended for long/longer-term investors;
  • Trading, education, signals etc. are intended as an bonus/service-enhancement (at this stage)

Trading frequency will vary greatly

Trading activity will increase, despite the recent quietness

Emailed questions covered


Is there a specific shortlist of currencies you watch, or do you just watch the major pairs ? - Jake

How do I know if my account is still connected - Roger, Greg, Fred...

Also , will you be using the live IU group "telegram" app again for communication ? - Jake

Links on Cryptocurrencies:


Mentioned EURGBP/Bitcoin correlation chart (click for large image) :

Your time and focus is appreciated. If there is anything we can do to help you further evaluate this and other opportunities, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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