Crossroads: Global Equities (CGE)

Irrespective of market conditions, flexibility is key. In a positive global economic climate, properly diversified exposure into key growth markets, industries and companies is a proven strategy for solid returns.

Nonetheless, markets can and do change; and they can do so with little warning. It is therefore imperative that we have the flexibility to reduce our exposure, capture potential downside moves, or even stay on the sidelines awaiting more opportune entries. Without this, we are simply at the mercy of market conditions.
With such levels of adaptability comes more than just a sense of peace-of-mind, from knowing that turbulent times will be either adjusted to or avoided altogether. It also provides the opportunity for significantly enhanced long-term performance, through reduced negative growth periods and significantly increased opportunities for profit.

Crossroads: Global Equities, a managed trading & investment solution for the modern global markets.

Key service points to understand:

  • Segregated, secure account structures
    Clients have their own fully-segregated account. Deposits are made directly into the National Australia Bank. You will simply authorise Investor Unity to place orders on your account. Only you will have access to your funds.
  • Simplified, max of 2% risk-management principle
    The key to profitability is diligent risk management. Over-exposure, to any one trade or market, is avoided. This removes the worry of a stock crashing (or worse). CGE Custom was designed to use risk 1-2% of account for each trade.
  • Non-correlated diversification
    It’s said that +80% of shares move in the direction of the overall market. For true diversification, one should consider different approaches & entirely separate markets. Adding global shares to an already Australian focused equity portfolio reduces risk and enhances risk management of an existing portfolio.
  • Simple investment structure – With no lock-in contracts
    Complex fee structures offer very little (to you, the investor). Real confidence in a service means no establishment, membership, account closure or performance fees. You pay a simple, flat-rate for your executed trades only (fee-structure details below).
  • Instant account transparency- Wherever you are
    When it comes to you really knowing how your money is being used, the vast majority of managed-services fall well short. Online access to your account allows you to see your trades, price-charts, balance, statements (all live & in real-time), wherever you are.
  • Direct contact with your Investor Unity
    While we firmly believe in utilising technology to its full benefit, nothing should ever take the place of old-fashioned good service. If anything, at all, is ever on your mind- the person who watches the markets is only ever a direct call, chat, or email away.
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Quick Facts:

  • Markets of Focus: US, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia
  • Market Instruments: Equities, DMA Equity CFDs, non-leveraged DMA Equity CFDs, ETFs
  • Method of Analysis: Fundamental and Technical
  • Executing Broker: FP Markets Australia
  • Deposited Funds: Held with National Australia Bank, via FP Markets
  • Holding Period: No minimum
  • Charges and Fees: Execution cost only
  • Minimum Investment: A$20,000 (or equivalent)

Important: While the service is based around short-term trading (and involves no exit fees) this should be considered by those looking for a medium-to-long-term investment. As always, please consider the service providers relevant legal documents and consult with your own advisors, as much as is necessary. No information provided by IU actually considers your own personal circumstances.


Just remember: IU has your long-term success in mind. We are here to help.
Please call, chat, or email us if there’s any additional clarification we can offer.


Service details:


The CGE methodology is intended to provide:

  • Absolute returns, uncorrelated to benchmark indices
  • Portfolio diversification, beyond local sectors
  • Custom strategy implementation & management
  • Custom hedging implementation & management, according to existing or anticipated equity markets exposure

CGE should be considered by those whom:

  • Have existing exposure to equity markets, or;
  • Are looking to gain exposure to local and/or global equity markets
  • Are looking for guidance & analysis on said markets
  1. The client establishes a trading account with FP Markets
  2. The client are deposited directly into FP Markets client-segregated NAB account
  3. The client authorises Investor Unity to place orders/trades on their account (this does not grant access to funds)
  4. The client monitors trading activity through daily email statements provided by FP Markets, updates from Investor Unity, and though 24/7 access to FP Markets online trading platform/s

CGE is available in leveraged and non-leveraged versions, depending upon the client’s preference and risk tolerance. Market entries and exits are the same for each, with only the trade quantities varied according to whether or not leverage is employed.

For leveraged accounts, a total market exposure is (up to, and generally) 3 to 5 times the size of the account. Risk per trade is kept below 2%, through use of stop-losses on every single position; without fail (placed at time of entry).

In general, 60 to 70% of a portfolio may be allocated to either long or short positions depending on the primary trend of the stock market. These positions may be held anywhere from several days to several months, with most trades expected to last around 3 weeks.
The remainder of the portfolio may be allocated for short term reversal trades. Such positions may be held from a few days to a few weeks.

CGE focusses upon the following markets: USA, UK, Europe, and Australia.

Execution and fees are charged as a percentage of the trade volume, with the exception of the US market; which is charged on a cent-per-stock basis. All trades have a minimum execution fee.
Execution Fees by Market (quoted in local currency):

Country Fee Minimum Fee
Australia 0.20% 15
Singapore 0.20% 35
Hong Kong 0.70% 120
United Kingdom 0.20% 15
Germany 0.20% 15
United States $0.04 15

CGE Custom doesn’t charge any annual management fee, account maintenance fee, data fee, or software fees. Clients who wish to withdraw or convert their account to a standard FP Markets account are free to do so, at any stage.