What Is A 'Modern Streamlined Managed Service'?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what it is not…

A Managed Service is not necessarily a managed fund. Managed funds, typically, operate with:

    • Complex structures
    • Complex fee structures
    • Low transparency
    • Pooled funds
    • Extensive restrictions placed upon the fund manager
    • Performance which, on average, over time, simply matches the performance of the market as a whole, 

However, in the case of IU Managed Services:

Simple account structures

    • The client retains ownership of the account
    • Funds are held in a separate account, in the client’s name (or chosen entity, including SMSFs)
    • Clients funds are not pooled with those of other clients, as with a managed fund



 Simple fee structures
    • Most operate with a brokerage-only model, others with lower brokerage + a performance percentage fee
    • There are no establishment, membership or cancellation fees 

Control and transparency

    • Clients can log into their account, at any time
    • Account balance, trade-placements, stop-losses can all be viewed live, as they occur
    • Clients have access to their account manager
    • Clients can have access to online withdrawal facilities

Setup (after choosing your service):

    • Establish a trading account, in your name (or company, trust or SMSF), in the exact same way as if you were going to be trading it yourself
    • Deposit your chosen level of trading capital (minimum start from $10,000)
    • Effectively, connect your account to the master account of the MDA manager (separate forms required)


    • Using your logins, check your account’s performance. As often as you’d like
    • Print statements, as necessary
    • Add & withdraw funds, as you prefer


When you take away all of the complications & restrictions, and simply allow a professional trader to focus upon minimising risk while maximising profit, the results speak for themselves.

Investor Unity’s current flagship managed service is Crossroads: Global Majors (CGM). Details and performance info can be found below: