Market Telegrams – Be Informed, Be First

Market Telegrams – Be Informed, Be First

The ultimate purpose of the app-based quick alerts is efficiency, allowing for fast response to market developments and opportunities, with minimal distraction.

In summary:

  1. Setting up is extremely easy
  2. Once done, there’s nothing more to do
  3. Operation is as simple as any basic messaging app — simpler than email

A quick video-lesson excerpt is below:

Before being emailed or posted online, all pertinent alerts & updates first appear as a quick message, sent to all relevant Members, as soon as they’re generated and confirmed by IU.

For this we use a very simple, very fast and reliable (free) app named ‘Telegram,’ which operates on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones – along with both desktop and web versions – all of which instantly sync with each other.

Furthermore, some alerts & updates will only be sent via Telegram, and won’t be emailed or posted online.

The smartphone version operates in essentially the exact same way as any text messaging app, with the main exception being that it requires internet/data to send and receive.

The desktop and web versions operate just like familiar programs such as Skype, but simpler in operation.

The first step is to begin with any of the below versions; all of which provide virtually identical functionality:

For PC:

For Mac:

For iPhone & iPad:

For Android phones:

For Windows phones:

Web-browser version: (when using this version, please consider enabling desktop notifications, when prompted to do so)

If you’re unsure, or just want to take a look, it’s best to start with the web-browser version.

Once installed, you can then add the Investor Unity ‘channels‘ — these channels are somewhat like phonebook contacts, from which you will receive your alerts and updates.

We currently have two channels, with more to come. Adding them via any of the Telegram versions will make them accessible on all of your devices with Telegram installed:

  1. Investor Unity Members – This channel provides general updates, including education and other important notifications
  2. IU LIVE Members – This channel is for market-specific alerts, including trade signal entries and modifications, as necessary
    • This channel is offered to live account holders only, to gain access – click the button at the bottom of this page
    • Please do not share this link, unless it’s with a live account holder – unauthorised access will result in their removal, as it’s reserved for live clients

Further tips for getting the most out of Telegram (settings process will vary between versions, but are largely the same):

Any Channels or contact can be ‘muted’ – meaning that you’ll still receive the alert, but won’t receive the popup/sound notification. See:

If you’d like to change the wallpaper image, see